"I Love NY" should be made in NY

Colin Schmitt statement on "I Love NY" Bumper Stickers Being made in Taiwan 

New Windsor, NY -- (3/31/16) Colin J. Schmitt, who is exploring a run for the 99th NYS Assembly District, released the following statement regarding a recent WHEC Report (http://www.whec.com/news/stories/s4090392.shtml) that the New York State Department of Economic Development "I Love NY" campaign bumper stickers and other marketing materials are made by foreign companies in foreign countries. 

Colin Schmitt stated, “More insanity from New York State government. New York's most recognized promotion campaign "I Love NY" has its bumper stickers made in Taiwan and other promotional materials in countries far away from the United States and New York. Shame on the Department of Economic Development for allowing this to occur. In the Assembly I will work to ensure all New York official promotional material be made in our state by our workers. When elected by my neighbors this November I will introduce legislation requiring any material licensed or controlled by the state to be made in the New York by New York companies and our hard working New York workers.”

Colin J. Schmitt is a resident of New Windsor. He serves in the Army National Guard and previously served as Director of Operations for the NYS Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee. For more information visit www.ColinSchmitt.com