"Very impressed with assembly candidate Colin Schmitt"

Check out this great letter to the editor in this weeks Chronicle. 

To the Editor:

On Sunday morning I joined numerous area residents at the Goshen Diner. We were all there for the same thing, to meet Colin Schmitt, who was hosting an event titled “Coffee with Colin."

Colin was hosting this event to get input from local residents about the issues that matter to them most. Mr. Schmitt is considering running for the 99th Assembly District to represent Goshen in Albany.

I was very impressed with this man. He serves our country in the Army National Guard and served as director of the committee that oversees all veterans and military-related issues in the state senate. Colin even had a stint working for former Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt, who many of us in Goshen think of fondly!

Colin has a presence and demeanor about him that clearly defines him as a leader of action and character.

I would encourage other area residents to attend one of the other upcoming coffee events and look into what Colin has to say. I know I support him wholeheartedly and encourage the public to do so as well.

Milly Ardisana