Colin Schmitt is the leader our community deserves

Great letter to the editor published today by the Chronicle.

To the Editor:

I got the chance to attend a coffee event at Noble Coffee Roasters last weekend. The event was held by Colin Schmitt as a way to meet residents of the community. I wasn’t sure what to expect when my husband and I attended, but we were happy to stop by. I found a solid crowd of local residents from varying backgrounds who were interested to hear from Colin, but also bring up things that concerned them.

Colin spoke of his varied professional experience, which despite only being 25 years old, was very impressive. My husband and I spoke on some of our top concerns and Colin listen intently while offering suggestions and solutions that made sense. He has since followed up on that conversation in a way I did not expect. Job well done Colin!

I would suggest your readers’ check into Mr. Schmitt and what he stands for. This is the type of leader our community deserves!

Thank you,
Ed and Erin Bordas