MidHudsonNews: Schmitt make it official, he’s running for State Assembly

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NEW WINDSOR – Republican Colin Schmitt of New Windsor has been testing the political water for a potential run for the 99th Assembly District and on Saturday he made if official with a formal announcement that he would seek the post.

Surrounded by some 100 supporters including a number of GOP and Conservative Party officials, Schmitt said state government is dysfunctional and he wants to go to Albany and address key issues.

If elected, Schmitt said his focus will be increasing public school funding, replacing the Common Core curriculum with one that will offer more parent input and oversight, relieving the tax burden, supporting term limits, stripping pensions from elected officials who were convicted of felonies, teaming up with Orange County to fight welfare fraud, opposing “any and all” property annexations, protecting environmental interests with regards to the Kiryas Joel pipeline.

Schmitt also said he would hold the state Department of Environmental Conservation accountable for “their failures to the communities they serve,” making the Veterans’ Equality Act a top priority and helping veteran partners who have a state-licensed profession from losing their licenses for having to be relocated to New York, or vice versa, due to military assignments.

Schmitt is a member of the Army National Guard and previously worked for Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt when she was a state assemblywoman and former State Senator Gregory Ball.

“Collin is not going to be a place holder; he’s definitely going to be up in Albany. He’s going to fight for the district and this is a big difference from what we’ve seen in the last few years,” said Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus. 

At this point it is unclear who Schmitt will face in the November election. Democratic incumbent James Skoufis has not yet said if he would seek re-election as he is also toying with running against long time Republican incumbent William Larkin.