Protect Women and Children; Schmitt calls for passage of Brittany’s Law

New Windsor, NY -- (7/11/16) Colin J. Schmitt, candidate for the 99th NYS Assembly District, today pledged to support and work for the passage of “Brittany’s Law--Domestic Violence Prevention Act” once elected to the New York State Assembly.

Brittany’s Law is a bill that has passed the New York State Senate with bipartisan support seven times now. It has been continuously blocked by the radical NYC controlled Assembly Democratic Conference and its members. Brittany’s Law would establish a database of violent felons who have abused women and children. Mirroring the sex offenders list, Brittany’s Law would help save lives and keep our communities safe from violent felons.

Colin Schmitt stated, “Ensuring that our community is protected should be of top concern to the state legislature. I find it reprehensible that the NYC Controlled Assembly Democratic conference has blocked passage of Brittany’s Law, a law that would protect all in our community, especially women and children. I pledge to fully support Brittany’s Law and do all in my ability once elected to the state assembly to make this law a reality.”

Annie Rabbitt, County Clerk and Women for Schmitt Co-Chair stated, “Brittany’s Law should be passed. Colin Schmitt understands what it takes to protect our families and community. Our State Assemblymember needs to be a voice that works and votes to ensure all women and children are safe from violent felons. I thank Colin for supporting Brittany’s Law and know with his leadership in Albany we will finally get this legislation passed.”

Colin J. Schmitt is a resident of New Windsor. He serves in the Army National Guard and previously served as Director of Operations for the NYS Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee.