Supports Cease and Desist Zone for region

New Windsor, NY -- (9/22/16) Colin Schmitt, the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform Party candidate for the 99th Assembly District, attended the Department of State hearing regarding cease and desist zones at Rockland Community College Wednesday evening.

Last March Schmitt proposed a three point anti-blockbusting plan that includes imposing a cease and desist zone for the entirety of Orange and Rockland Counties.

Schmitt said, “Our communities are under assault. South Blooming Grove, in particular, in the 99th Assembly District has faced a scourge of blockbusting. My three point plan to combat blockbusting calls for implementation of a cease and desist zone. I attended the Department of State public hearing Wednesday in order to show my support for the implementation of such a zone in all of Orange and Rockland Counties. I will not stop fighting for my neighbors until our communities are protected from blockbusting and other forms of organized destruction.” 

The process of blockbusting involves real estate agents or other individuals who use heavy handed tactics and overt pressure to force existing residents of a targeted neighborhood to sell their homes. Most recently the areas in and around the Village of South Blooming Grove have faced these tactics. Aggressive door-to-door solicitation, including offering cash on the spot for a sale have been commonplace. Invasive phone calls and insistent mailings are also some of the methods that are being used to try and force people out of their homes. Fear and pressure are the hallmarks of blockbusting. It is both illegal and unethical. 

Colin J. Schmitt is a resident of New Windsor. He serves in the Army National Guard and previously served as Director of Operations for the NYS Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee. For more information visit