New Windsor, NY -- (9/30/16) Colin Schmitt, the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform Party candidate for the 99th Assembly District, today released the following statement regarding Gov. Cuomo’s veto of annexation legislation passed during the 2016 Legislative Session.

“I am mad as hell. The governor vetoing the annexation legislation again is yet another example of state government failing our communities. It also raises the question “are you better off now than you were four years ago?” The answer is no. Incumbent Democrat Assembly member James Skoufis has had four years to protect our communities from KJ’s uncontrolled and unchecked growth. All we have been given is press release roulette and not a single tangible accomplishment to protect our communities. That is why I am running for state Assembly. That is why I have put out my aggressive DEC Oversight Plan to make state government work for us again. That is why last March I released my three-point anti-blockbusting plan to protect Orange and Rockland counties. We do not need any more failures or hot air. We need success. That is what I will provide as your next assemblyman."