Colin Schmitt, candidate for the New York State Assembly, discusses Assemblyman Skoufis’ involvement with the scandal surrounding the CPV Power Plant.

New Windsor, NY -- (9/27/16) Last Friday, Colin Schmitt, the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform Party candidate for the 99th Assembly District, called on his Democrat opponent James Skoufis to provide full disclosure regarding the corruption scandal surrounding the Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) project in Wawayanda.

It was revealed that a massive corruption scandal stretching across the state is centered in the 99th Assembly District, involving the CPV Valley Plant being built in Wawayanda. Skoufis directly accepted, along with political committees supportive of his campaigns, significant contributions from those involved with the corruption scandal.

Despite numerous media reports, including the call for full disclosure, Skoufis has yet to meet the public threshold for full disclosure regarding this criminal operation.

What is Skoufis hiding?

Schmitt said, “We have called for full disclosure from my Democrat opponent Skoufis. What did he know and when did he know it? What interaction did he have with CPV and the indicted individuals? The public is aware of the significant financial contributions he has received stemming directly from this criminal operation. As Albany politicians like him quickly try to dump the funds they have received, the public is left to wonder what else is being hidden.” 

Schmitt has called for public access to:

  • Meetings, conference calls and calls with appointment dates held with CPV, CPV representatives or related entities, including names of attendees. Specifically, meetings with criminally-charged lobbyist Todd Howe and his connected firms, members of the Percoco family, and Peter Galbraith Kelly.
  • Any emails or communication with those criminally charged, including but not limited to Todd Howe and his related entities and Peter Galbraith Kelly.
  • Fundraiser attendance and/or sponsorship by CPV Valley or related entities/groups/committees and criminally-charged individuals.
  • Any other activity tied to this criminal complaint. 

Schmitt said, “Mr. Skoufis clearly has a track record of refusing to implement ethical and reform measures and the public deserves full accountability and full disclosure. While this type of pay-to-play culture may be acceptable in Albany, it is not in the Hudson Valley. Let’s settle this matter right now with full disclosure.” 

Blocking Ethics Reform 

Despite numerous attempts to restore faith and integrity in our state government, it has been Skoufis who has consistently voted down over ten good government bills in the Legislature. These bills are intended to ensure that our democratic process of allowing everyone, not just those with the greatest political connections, a say in how we govern ourselves, remains intact.

The following are a list of the reform bills Skoufis has voted ‘No’ on:

1.     E835 Establishing a timeframe to introduce resolutions during session.

2.     E836 A vote must be held to push session into the hours of 12 a.m. to 6 a.m.

3.     E838 Equal funding to all members and staff.                                                               

4.     E839 Sets a procedure to fill a vacancy in the position of Speaker.

5.     E840 Term limits for the minority and majority leader.

6.     E841 Opens committee hearings to public testimony following a 1/3 vote of the committee.

7.     E842 All bills shall receive a minimum of three readings and no message of necessity shall be accepted from the governor unless two thirds of the members approve.

8.     E843 No committee may discharge a bill unless there is a  vote of at least 76 members of the House.

9.     E844 Limiting committee chairpersons to 8-year terms.

10.  E845 Within every two-year session of the Legislature, each member shall be allowed to bring at least one bill to the floor for a debate and vote. 

“Whether it’s establishing term limits for legislative leaders or maintaining a fair system where the voice of every New Yorker is heard, it has been my Democrat opponent Skoufis who has fought against every one of these initiatives, and it is past time the people of the 99th District elect a new representative who stands for true reform in Albany.”

Colin J. Schmitt is a resident of New Windsor. He serves in the Army National Guard and previously served as Director of Operations for the NYS Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee. For more information visit www.ColinSchmitt.com.