Women for Schmitt Coalition launches

Women for Schmitt Coalition launches


women for colin schmitt

New Windsor, NY -- (6/6/16) Women for Schmitt, a coalition of women in the community supporting Colin J. Schmitt for the 99th NYS Assembly District, was formally launched today at an event held in Cornwall at a woman owned business, The Elizabeth Collection.

Over 45 women and other guests attended the event to throw their support to Colin and stand shoulder to shoulder with a leader they see as the best advocate for women and all residents of the 99th Assembly District.

The women represented a diverse cross section of the region ranging in age, personal and professional background. The many attendees include local business owners, union members, students, veterans, homemakers, retired professionals, elected leaders and more. Others not able to personally attend pledged membership to the coalition. These women not only stood with Colin today, but pledged to do all in their power to ensure he is elected on November 8.

Speakers at the event included Orange County First Lady Rachel Neuhaus, Lyn Prestia former Woodbury Town Councilwoman, The Elizabeth Collection Owner Elizabeth Moore, Mrs. Jill DiSalvo and Miss Nikki Pagano.

Co-Chairs of the Coalition include: County Clerk Annie Rabbitt, Majority Leader Melissa Bonacic, Chairwoman Courtney Greene, Jill DiSalvo, Nikki Pagano and Hannah Schmitt.

County Clerk Annie Rabbitt stated, “I am proud to serve as a Co-chair of “Women for Schmitt.” I have known Colin for over a decade and have seen first hand his ability to accomplish amazing feats for our community. His compassion, drive and can-do spirit are exactly what we need in Albany. When it comes to representing women, no one will serve to empower all women and their families more than Colin.”

Elizabeth Moore owner of The Elizabeth Collection, “I first met Colin when he was shopping with Nikki doing shop small Saturday in Cornwall. It was well before he had any intention of running for office and he was just being a good neighbor supporting local businesses. Eric and I chatted with Colin and kicked off an instant connection. Over time we saw Colin not only support our store but other local businesses as well. As Colin started to consider running he poured deep concern and interest in our local businesses and wanted to get to know what concerned us and what help we needed. Colin has been the only person at the state level to ever show that kind of interest. Pure concern and caring for us. Cornwall has over 14 women based small businesses. This is an amazing accomplishment. To keep that presence going strong, and to encourage that success across our state, we need Colin Schmitt in the State Assembly. Colin will be a voice for Women owned businesses and all women in our community. I am proud to host the launch event for Women for Schmitt and I know Colin will be the voice we need, with true care and dedication, I hope all join with me in supporting him. Colin is a refreshing gift for Cornwall and our entire area.”

Nikki Pagano stated, “I know Colin better than anyone. I spend countless hours and days traveling with him across this 99th district. I see the passion and determination he places in serving others. As a young woman, and a young woman in business, I know Colin is the best representative for Orange and Rockland Counties in Albany. We need a leader who will empower all women to succeed. A leader who will help guarantee the environment for equal treatment and opportunity and be the loudest voice for advocacy and action when that is what is needed. Colin Schmitt is that voice, I love him and I am proud of him.”   

Orange County Legislature Majority Leader Melissa Bonacic stated, “It is wonderful to serve as a member of the Women for Schmitt coalition. Colin Schmitt is devoted to serving our local community and in Albany will work to ensure all women continue to have the full ability to succeed in the State of New York. Empowering women in business, in family and in personal success is something that Colin will always be an advocate for. I have known Colin since he was a student in high school. This is a leader we can all be proud of.”

Jill DiSalvo stated, “As a mom you are always proud of your son, I am blessed to share mine with our entire community. Since as early as I can remember Colin has sought to serve our community honorably, from charitable organizations and volunteer opportunities to his service to our country in the military. He is always there for his sister and me as a wonderful brother and son and a friend to all. Women in the community will never find a more dedicated individual, I am lucky enough to call him my son.”

Hannah Schmitt stated, “My brother is my hero. I am grateful every day for all that he does for me. No matter what, I know I can count on Colin. I know that Colin will never stop until any job or advocacy that needs to be accomplished is. I know the man my brother is, I know that type of man he is when others aren’t looking, and his is always a rock and a true friend. Supporting Colin is the right thing, I know it because he is my brother and I know it because he is my friend. I know Colin is the only choice to consider to be OUR  Assemblyman.”

County Republican Chairwoman Courtney Greene stated, “It is my pleasure to be an original member of the Women for Schmitt coalition. Colin speaks for all in our community, but especially women. His leadership will always ensure all women have the same ability to succeed and pursue equal opportunities in our state. Colin is a staunch ally for women of New York State and his election is critical to our aims and goals.”

Colin Schmitt stated, “I am grateful to the great women in our community who have launched Women for Schmitt. I pledge to serve as the strongest advocate for the women of New York and ensure economic empowerment, personal opportunity, equal treatment and respect is afforded to all. I grew up seeing my mom work hard to raise a family, run a home and work. Herself a product of a single mother, my loving grandmother, who raised three kids on her own. I will not rest in Albany until all women and all my neighbors have the same ability to succeed, to raise a family and to enjoy life to the fullest in this state."

Colin J. Schmitt is a resident of New Windsor. He serves in the Army National Guard and previously served as Director of Operations for the NYS Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee. For more information visit www.ColinSchmitt.com.