Women for Schmitt, a coalition of women in the community supporting the re-election of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, held a rally this evening in Chester at a well-known woman owned business, Bagel Girls Cafe.

The coalition and other guests attended the event to show their unwavering support for the re-election of Assemblyman Schmitt, the best advocate for women and all residents of the 99th Assembly District.

During his first term in office, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt has been a strong advocate for women in our state and will continue fighting for justice and equality for all women. Assemblyman Schmitt helped pass the equal rights for women constitutional amendment (A.271); Equal Pay for Equal Work: Assemblyman Schmitt helped pass equal pay legislation (A.08971); Domestic Violence Protection: Assemblyman Schmitt has supported, co-sponsored, and helped pass legislation to protect and ensure justice for women who are victims of domestic violence, including: A.3974, A.219A, A.09134, A.409, A.583 and A.7400; Women’s Healthcare Coverage: Assemblyman Schmitt helped enact “Shannon’s Law” so women have more accessible healthcare coverage (A.5502); Maternal Health: Assemblyman Schmitt cosponsors legislation requiring the Department of Health to establish a maternal depression awareness campaign (A.338). These highlighted bills are just some of the dozens of sponsored, co-sponsored and supported bills by Assemblyman Schmitt that have a direct positive impact on women and girls of New York State.

The women represented a diverse cross section of the region ranging in age, personal and professional background. The many attendees included local business owners, students, veterans, homemakers, retired professionals, elected leaders and more. Others not able to personally attend are dedicated members of the coalition. These women not only stood with Assemblyman Colin Schmitt today, but pledged to do all in their power to ensure he is re-elected on November 3rd.

Assembly District First Lady Nikki Schmitt stated, “Colin is a great advocate for everyone in the 99th Assembly District. I see first hand the work that he puts into this job and there is no one better suited for it. We love this community and getting to know so many people and so many small businesses has been so awesome. Small businesses are the backbone of our community and Colin’s advocacy for such is evidenced by his endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Today we are at Bagel Girls Cafe, an awesome cafe in Chester and also woman owned! Thank-you for having us! Colin is a strong advocate for women, I am not going to name every piece of legislation he helped pass but a few quick highlights are equal pay legislation, domestic violence protection legislation & Maternal health legislation. I am so humbled by the continued support from everyone here today, thank-you for believing in us! And Colin, I am so proud of you for fighting the good fight and standing unwaveringly in your convictions in order to best serve our community!”

Jill DiSalvo stated, “I am so proud of my son everyday as he serves the 99th Assembly District with integrity, honor and commitment. For as long as I can remember, Colin has been dedicated to helping others whether it is in the Army National Guard or as our Assemblyman. He is continuously looking for ways to improve our communities and give back. Women and families in his district know how committed he is and that is why we are all here today to support his re-election. I am honored to share my son with the community and look forward to a second term.”

Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt stated, “I am proud to support the re-election of our Assemblyman Colin Schmitt. Colin has shown dedication and commitment to serving the public and has been the strongest voice for women and the issues that matter to us all. During his first term in the Assembly, Colin has already shown that he is a powerful leader that can deliver real results . I wish him the very best during his campaign and fully support him!”

Orange County Legislator Kathy Stegenga stated, “I am so proud to support the re-election of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt with the Women for Schmitt coalition. This coalition and the turnout of individuals at the rally is so important because it speaks volumes to Colin’s record of standing up for women and families. Colin has ensured bills that are critical for economic empowerment of women in particular have passed. As a woman, a mother, a local business owner and County Legislator, I can promise you that there is no better representative for us than Colin Schmitt.”

Orange County Republican Chairwoman Courtney Greene stated, “As a woman, I am proud to support the re-election of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt to continue representing the 99th Assembly District. Assemblyman Schmitt is a dedicated leader for our community who has a proven track record of standing up for all, especially women. His legislative record speaks for itself. Dozens of bills passed that empower women and girls across our state, that make it safer for all. Colin has made sure that all women in our community and state have equal opportunity to succeed and achieve. He is a leader on the issues that matter most for our communities and families.”

Former Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun stated, “It is a true honor to be here tonight to support our Assemblyman Colin Schmitt. I served in Albany and know how important it is to have Colin’s voice representing us. Standing up for the local issues that matter. In just his first term Colin has an outstanding voting record. Supporting and passing countless bills that have a direct positive impact on women across our district and across our state including bills that increase economic and personal opportunity and expand access to healthcare. I stand with Colin and fully support his re-election.”

Michele Young, Owner of Bagel Girls stated, “It is an honor to host the Women for Schmitt 2020 rally at our store. Assemblyman Schmitt has been a great supporter to our business during his term – honoring our store as small business of the month last year and providing guidance during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I know that Colin Schmitt is the best choice to represent women, families and especially small businesses in the State Assembly and that’s why we are proud to host this rally in support of his re-election.”

Beverly Cannelli, resident of New Windsor, stated, “I am proud to stand here today as a member of the Women for Schmitt Coalition to support the re-election of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt. Colin Schmitt saved my life. He was there for me during one of the hardest and darkest times of my life and did not give up on me when I called on him for help. I was overwhelmed with bills from my breast cancer treatment and Assemblyman Schmitt did everything in his power to take care of me. I will be forever thankful for his efforts and proudly support his re-election campaign so he can continue to help others.”

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt stated, “I am honored by the outpouring of support I have received during my re-election campaign, in particular from the Women for Schmitt coalition. During my first term in the Assembly, I am proud of my advocacy for women in New York and have fought for justice and equality for all women. I have supported and helped pass legislation that empowers women including bills that increased economic opportunities, expanded healthcare access, and enshrined equal rights and protections. I appreciate all the support and will continue to fight for all women and families in the 99th Assembly District.”

To view the rally live, please click here.

Colin Schmitt is committed to public service. Colin is a member of the U.S. Army National Guard and Assemblyman for the 99th NYS Assembly District which includes the Town of Stony Point in Rockland County and The Towns of Wawayanda, Goshen, Hamptonburgh, Chester, Blooming Grove, New Windsor, Cornwall, Highlands and Woodbury in Orange County. Colin lives in the Town of New Windsor with his wife Nikki and their beloved adopted Catahoula puppy Quincy!



Posted by Colin Schmitt on Tuesday, October 13, 2020