Issues Important to Colin

Colin helped lead the local response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As both our Assemblyman and a member of the Army National Guard, Colin coordinated the distribution of PPE masks and hand sanitizer to first responders, essential workers and local governments. He also helped residents and small businesses navigate government bureaucracy to get the help they need.

Colin is working to preserve the quality-of-life in our communities.

Assemblyman Schmitt has sponsored bipartisan legislation to protect our local drinking water supplies and stop the continued expansion of high-density housing developments. He led the opposition to the NYS Attorney General’s plan to allow a massive new housing project in our district.

Colin is standing up for Hudson Valley property taxpayers.

Assemblyman Schmitt led the effort to make the state’s property tax cap permanent and successfully secured millions of dollars in funding for area schools, libraries and infrastructure projects.

Colin stands with law enforcement and keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Colin strongly supports law enforcement. He is working to repeal the new state law that ended bail for dangerous criminals and he is working to provide additional funding for our police departments.